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Pizza is a massive market.  Nationally and locally, the pizza segment of the food industry is king.  So what happens when a hip, healthy, and gourmet pizza concept emerges locally among the mainstream monarchy of chain and cookie-cutter pizza joints?  Introducing WEST CRUST, Lubbock's gourmet pizza shop!  From the founder of Cilantro's Burrito Grill and Sugar Brown's Coffee comes another creative local foodie destination whose product has major cross-demographic appeal!  Hand-forged dough and slow simmered chipotle red sauce comprised of all-natural ingredients - with no sugar added to either, are fired to perfection in a brick-chambered oven with your choice of amazing cheeses and gourmet toppings.  A colorful, refreshing and unusual alternative to everyday pizza. WEST CRUST is changing Lubbock's pizza experience one brick-crisped crust at a time!

4 Defining Elements:

  1. Artisan / Gourmet
  2. Healthy - Fresh, Environmentally Responsible
  3. West Coast vibe - Hip, Indie, Local, Fun, Simple
  4. Culture of Light and Life - Extraordinary environment of staff comaraderie and customer care based on real values that build community: Love, Truth, and Hope

For more information, email Justin or Michael at .. Thanks